Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dressing for the desert...

Read at your own risk....WARNING: rambling post ahead with quasi focused photos of highway weary people....I repeat...rambling post ahead with quasi focused photos of highway weary people!

Why would I post about clothes on Sunday...I haven't a CLUE what I'm wearing to church today...looks like I'm wearing my house dress that looks like a real dress.  (Shhhhh don't tell anyone.)  See since I'm all erratic and emotional...but I'm trucking off to church anyway.... if I avoid folks maybe I won't end up being snippy!  I can't tell them...sorry...don't want to talk to "girlfriend" has arrived and I'm "unclean" as the bible says!  You just can't say that during meet and greet!

Unlike my dear mother...I don't feel the need to dress my family in matching gear for vacations. 

(Ummm....above photo has too much cleavage for my taste...and I'm always hounding our youth

 about cleavage...and there I was...with too much cleavage...if you can see a's too much!)

Since I was budgeting...I opted not to by anything new for anyone. 

Do you know how hard that is?

No new shoes, no new shirts...not even new underwear.

When I realized space was a premium....I only packed two outfits per person and washed everyday! 

(I'm definitely going to do that in the really saved space!)

We came just like we the Crystal Lewis songs says.

The benefit to that was obvious...less cash was spent.

The downside to that was...

One...your pictures are have the same clothes on...

you don't get a sense of excitement by having new clothes on in new places...(you know I'm right...and if you get a sense of excitement by might be an idol...just wondering outloud!)

and I didn't realize until I saw the pictures....


my pants were still a size 22/24 and I wear a 20 now (you can't tell in these!). 

I'm still grossly overweight...but my pants are just baggy and saggy!

I remember my husband's sister saying she'd look for some clothes for me.

We must have seemed like hermits. I don't need any clothes...

I was too lazy to do the matchy matchy thing...and didn't want to buy new stuff.

Those tan capris didn't make it out of Arizona.

I'm tossed them in the trash.

They were too old to benefit the rescue mission...and had seen better days.

Boy...maybe my mom was right!


Bethany said...

At least your friend didn't come on vacation with you!

Lorrie said...

nope...thank you Lord...for saving that drama for the California desert 150 miles for home...I would have just died!

Um....why are you reading this at 8:49? Aren't u suppose to be in your Sunday School class in 12 minutes...or do you have connections with the Sunday School superintendent?

at 8:49...I had boys in car eating cereal...too bad we're suppose to leave the house at 8:35 to make it by 9:00!

Beth in NC said...

You are too funny! I wouldn't have thought about buying new clothes for pictures.

I know it is awesome for pants to be too big, but they make you feel yucky.

Darcie said...

Packing for trips are so hard to begin with...I always say less is better.

ManyBlessings said...

I found your blog not that long ago and have fallen in LOVE with your writing! I'm excited to keep reading here. :)

mimi said...

I would never have noticed any of the clothes things if you had not mentioned them(did that make sense?? nope!) Anyway...I think you all looked great. It's not about how you were dressed, it was about what you saw. There was so much to see in that desert and you made the most of the experience. We've tried not to buy any new clothes this season(we bought a couple :)) I've been surprised at how easy it was to not spend and use what we have. Now, going down a pant size is something to celebrate!