Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday weigh in!

Yesterday I weighed myself and gone are the 4 lbs. from last week's bloating feast.

But it didn't register ANY weight lost.

DID anyone hear me?


The good thing is...
I'm drinking more water and being more active.

The bad thing is...
I think I took the holiday and ran with it.

So...there it is.

This week was a wash!  The problem is...being this big I know with any set backs I'm prone to giving up.

Goals for next week.

Don't give up!

Drink more water.

Play with the kids outside instead of watching them.

Walk with my hubby (we could walk while the 
kids ride bikes...I see thinner couples doing that.)

Go skating.  I like to this SHOULD be a no-brainer!

So there are my goals for the week.  I've got nothing planned 
this week except focusing on weight loss.


Bethany said...

You look fabulous and you just keep plugging away, girl. I haven't weighed myself yet this week but I have been saving my "extra" 35 weight watchers points for the week for tomorrow night. Hopefully that means tomorrow I will register a loss of some amount, however small.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, I could have totally written this post!!

My family LOVES to roller skate! My husband even bought his own skates..LOL! There's a skating rink 5 minutes from our house that I used to go to when I was their age! Still exactly the same!!

Beth in NC said...

Keep up the great work girl! It WILL come off! Did you see the weight loss challenge I am joining on Tuesday. If you didn't - check out my post from last night.


Lorrie said...

No I didn't...but I'll check it out! Thanks for the encouragement y' really helps!

Daphine said...

Girl, you're doing better than most! Keep it up!!!

Everybody's Mama said...

You are doing great! Don't give up! I have something for you at my blog. Blessings! :)