Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sometimes...I'm a little snot.

O.k. I admit it.
I like to mess with folks.  But I'm working on that.
Anyhoo...On Sunday church folks were running around feeling out who's doing what for Easter. And I couldn't help myself.
"Oh...I'm so glad we're not doing any EASTER EGGS.  No EASTER HUNT.  We just get so away from the real meaning.  This is a church...not a country club."

I threw out my verbal bait. A poor deacon walking by took the bait...Hook, line and sinker.

"Well it's fun and all" Softly he said poking his head in our classroom.
"The kids like it.  It's not that we emphasis it much...but the kids like it."

"Well I don't see anyone organizing that makes me happy." I'm trying my best to sound pious and not start goofing up.

What I didn't tell him is we always go to the 10,000 egg drop in our town on Saturday...or that my 13 year old believes that there is Easter bunny. (I'm working on that too.)

And Yes.  (before you think the question)
I have given Easter baskets in the pass.  Some years I do and some years I don't. I don't have any Easter decorations up in my home...but I have had in the past. The boys know the real meaning of the Easter season so I purposely skip a year here and there so they don't think the baskets, the decorations, the eggs, chickens and the like are Easter traditions.

Usually my mother-in-law (a big "Easter basket" fan) gave the boys those awful plastic baskets from the front endcap of a superstore.  Sometimes she'd give hubby and I one too. Now that she's in heaven, I'm haven't really decided what to do. Maybe I'll go to WalMart and get some of those awful ones too. Hubby would like it.

One year I got "really spiritual" as they sat on our couch digging in their Michael's filled baskets. I told them that each item was hand picked for them. Every thing there was put with love knowing your likes and dislikes. God does the same. He know what we need and He has plans a purpose for you.

One year (when I was working) I said the Easter bunny is late and waiting for granny to show up.

This year...I'll probably pull out the Michael's basket and finally tell my 13 year old there is no Easter bunny! (My 10 year old told him last year...but I think that started a wrestling match.)

Bottom line....
Easter isn't about baskets and bunnies.
I'll be speaking about that on Good Thursday tomorrow.


Love Abounds At Home said...

So the Easter Bunny is not real?! lol You need to work on your friend here too while you work on your son. I love Easter. I make myself an Easter basket every year. I will never get to old for an Easter basket.
Looking forward to you speaking to me on Good Thursday. lol
Hope things are going well with you.
BTW.....I love to meddle with folks.

Bethany said...

I am really glad we are not doing the egg thing at church. I don't think it has any place there.

On the other hand, we always get new clothes--I tell the kids it's a nod to our new life we received when Jesus rose from the grave.

I also give my kids Easter baskets. I don't have a problem with celebrating any occasion with showing God's love to one another through little gifts (and chocolate). I do try to always put at least one Christian book or devotional in the basket. (and chocolate).

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Thoughtfull post. Hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner. Thanks for visiting my blog...I am not sure if the pic you mentioned was Puerto Vallarta or not...but sounds good to me :).

JayCee said...

Great post - it's good to know there are others out there who "mess with folks."

Your pics are great - what a beautiful family and your profile pic is gorgeous.

Thanks for stopping by my blog....nice to "meet" you.

Have a blessed Easter!