Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen...happenings around our home...

Happy Easter folks.

Easter Sunday was great.  No real meltdowns at church.  I did stay in the pre-school to help the worker for Bry's I made sure there were no meltdowns.  My boys looked great.  My oldest saw no other teens dressed up so by the time church ended he only had 2 pieces of a 4 piece outfit.  Good thing he didn't take off his shirt and pants.

My middle one kept on his that was good...and my youngest thought he was in "police like" clothes.  I had to force off his clothes just a few minutes ago.

We ate dinner at my sister's...I brought a few sides.  O.k. my weight was up 3 more pounds. Now I'm at plus 1.  I'm working out and being active...but I'm gaining weight...Hopefully next week will yield better results.  We rode bikes around her cul-de-sak and laughed.   I forgot how I love to ride a bike.  My dad came over and hung out as well.  I wish my brother would have come. 

Praise the Lord for family and good Christian friends.


licia31 said...

Happy belated Easter!!!

Bethany said...

I didn't eat sweets or eat at night for two weeks and I still gained weight. It must be in the water.

Lorrie said...

Thanks for mentioning that. O.k. everyone...Bethany said's the water. So I'm going to claim victory.