Monday, March 16, 2009

monday musing

It's officially over.

The weekend.

Today is Monday and I feel like it's Thursday.
I don't want to do much of anything. I hear the rumblings of the morning circus starting around my house.

6:58 a.m. 
pacific standard time
I hear the water running as my 13 year old showers.  He showers longer than needed, but will neglect washing key areas.  I think he does that so he can play in the water.  After 20 minutes Bill bangs on the door and tells him to get out, "You're wasting too much water.".

Ice from the freezer comes out into a tall ribbed glass.  I hear the sound of Bill picking up the coffee pot and pouring a coffee over the ice. We usually don't speak until some coffee is in his system.  It's interrupted with a loud alarm sound coming from his iphone.  That alarm is annoying at best.

Light and quick footsteps.  My little one jumps in my lap and grumbles "there is no blanket here".  These are the only snuggles I'll get with my little linebacker all day so I hug him close to make it last.  He's cuddly and smells of last night's bath soap and boy stink all rolled in one.

Water comes out of the kitchen faucet.  I guess Bill's coffee is too hot.

Bill speaks..."Your father has left the house."

"In his car?" I ask.

"In his boat." 

"Ouuu.."  Score.  I'm thinking. I'm taking a lady from church to the airport and now I've got a reliable ride. (My mini van is having transmission problems.)

Off in the distance I hear the trash truck's long arm rolling down the street to pick up the trash cans.

Yes...with 4 out of 5 folks quiet Monday morning to myself is over. 

Let's go and do Monday.


Everybody's Mama said...

The sounds of home. Somehow so comforting in their mundane normalcy, don't you think? For instance, my mother said when she was growing up she loved the sound of her father's snore. He worked away from home all week. So that sound meant he was home and all was well.
Enjoy your family...Blessings!

SILVIA said...

just came across your blog, i really enjoyed reading it, i like you! you are so for real and you have a beautiful family..i'll be back again if you dont mind...silvia.p/s love facebook too..

Country Life Girl said...

Love the family life and the sounds. Need to stop and take them in they will not always be the same will they. If your house is like mine they change fast.