Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you pray together?

My friend asked me yesterday if my husband and I prayed together every night...Now I love my husband but sometimes I have to remind him to brush his teeth...let alone pray. I can't complain because he's able to provide for us in a VERY expensive part of the country...but the answer was a hesititating yes. We do pray together...just not every night. We don't legalistically do anything together (one of the benefits of us both being free spirits) but we do engage in talking about the bible, praying together and mostly praying for our children's needs. I do find myself being more loving and agreeable towards him if we have been spiritually working on something together. If you don't pray with your husband well you should. It's not our jobs as the wife to lead the home spiritually...but normally we women are more sensitive to the spiritual things around us. And in some cases...actually a lot of might be the spiritual giant. But take can gently encourage your husband to pray with you...say starting over an immediate issue and build from there. If you already have a husband that prays with you it would be a good idea to start trying to do it every night...that's my new goal...well maybe every evening...since we go to sleep at different times most nights. So there you go...pray with your spouse as often as you can.

Don't forget the electronic challenge for Monday. You don't have to comment to tell me your going to do it. If you can't go without electronics the whole day...just try for several kids will eventually thank you for it.

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Lorrie said...

I'm commenting on my own blog because I FORGOT about the challenge. HA!