Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do people know you?

You know I was thinking about how Bry is totally in love with trains.  When I see train stuff...I think about him.  People at school, church and around our neighborhood know that he loves...no correction...is obsessed with trains.   He has a BIG train table that dominates our family room, tries to wear a train shirt daily and has even ridden a train.   Everyone knows that Bry loves trains. 

Do people know that we love Christ?  Do we live in such a way that people think...that (boy, girl, man, woman) loves Christ?  Do they see Christ in everything you do?  When they think of church...do they think of you being there?  If you miss a Sunday...are they shocked?  When they hear you speak...is it the things of God?  People know that Bry loves trains...do people know that I love Christ?  Can they see my fruit?
Matthew 7:20 - Thus by their fruit you will recognize them.

(This was requested and was originally posted last year in Oct.)

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Bethany said...

this is such a good point, and totally relatable to we mommas of "train boys". I'm going to remember it!