Monday, February 09, 2009

Can we be electronic and creative?

With the advent of tv, cell phones, computers, ipods, and everything electric I think the best thing we can do is give our kids a day of no electronics. This will give them a chance to be creative. I have been considering this for a while...but if I do...I'd have to go without electronics too. Well I think that Presdient's holiday next Monday will be a perfect day to go without electronics. Here's my challenge. From the time you get up and for 24 use of electronic media for leisure or informational gathering. (More on this latter.) My goal is to get 5 people (via internet or around here) to join in. Are you with me...24 hours of no electronics and let's see if we can "Be still and know that He is God."


Everybody's Mama said...

I thought it was kind of funny. Your challenge is set for Predident's Day and we have the first president to keep his blackberry! Just thought it was ironic to think how things are changing so quickly in our world. Just think how it will be for our grandchildren! The Bible tells us to work with our hands. Today's young people think that means Playstation or text messaging LOL!

Lorrie said...

Everybody's Mama...I'll put this on your blog but I'm putting it here too....I forgot about my own challenge until about 9 a.m. The good thing is we spent the rest of the day electronically free until about 8 p.m. So I guess I'll have some working to do.