Monday, January 26, 2009

Bill...peel the peaches.

Well my wonderful and quirky hubby had his birthday this weekend.  We all had a good time.  He got to eat at his favorite pizza place (yucky for me) with the youth.  He got his LONG Sunday nap and when I was at the art center in the afternoon with Marissa and Bryson I got a call in on my cell phone.

Bill's frantic. I'm it one of the big boys?  What's happened?  Is everyone o.k.?
" do you make peach cobbler?"  He asks.

" take the peaches, prepare them...put in nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, butter and allspice if you have it. "  

"Then you make your crust?"  He says...really shortly.

"Yeah...but what are you talking about?" I ask...because now I'm getting curious.

"I've got to go."  And he HANGS UP on me.

Well he sounded nervous and was probably at the church working on his "pie" for the men's pie baking contest.  

When I got there...several people told me before I could get in the lobby that my husband's cobbler was good but there was just one little problem...he didn't PEEL the peaches.  

You heard me.  He didn't peel the peaches.  In the interchange of the franctic cell phone never dawned on me to tell him to peel the peaches.  That's a given.

Well all wasn't lost.  He got 2nd place in the fruit and all.

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