Monday, December 01, 2008

one more thang about serving up attitude...

Yesterday our youth in church ministered through Christian hula. Now...before you get you all bent out of occasional hula isn't a bad thing. I'm not saying folks should be dancing every Sunday, or every month, or every quarter...but once a year isn't a bad thing. ask? Well for one thing dancing for the Lord, doing skits and creative movement IS a form of worship. The problem with doing something like that on a weekly basis would be culturally it would not lead us to the main event of a worship service (the sermon)...and culturally would be irrelevant for our church since we're just a bunch of regular Americans in Southern California. Creatively moving to music on a missions Sunday is a perfect way of realizing that worshiping the Lord can present itself in various forms, as long as it is done with the object of glorifying the Lord and it doesn't detract from the service. I told the kids that as much as they practice that's how much they should be in the word as well. I always think that. If you sing for the Lord on Sunday...and it takes you several hours to get that song down right...well you should give that much time to the bible as well (easy to say...sometimes hard to do). Bottom line...wherever we go...whatever we do...should be done for pleasing the Lord...and we need to do it with a good attitude.

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