Saturday, December 20, 2008

Many blessings from recreated Bethlehem

Last night I attended a "Back to Bethlehem" performance.  After a friend of mine talked about it at length last year I knew I had to come. bring any unsaved or backslidden friends (I wasn't successful with that) and two to show my kids what it's like to live in the time when Jesus was born.  
What a blessing!  

They had such an authentic village, we escaped the roman soldiers, but ended up having to pay taxes.  We petted Mary's Donkey and was told there was no room in the inn.  We stood in line for about 5 minutes to get in the stable but once inside we saw a REAL baby!  Even though it wasn't the real Jesus, it was great for the kids to see what times were like back then.  They also had a 20 other shops and places in the village...from the tanner, stone mason, carpenter, olive oil press, rabbi school, animal corral, a well, the seamstress - I could go on...when the angels sang the whole village got dark and all the shepherds were afraid.  When we left we saw a Magi Camp near the exit...they were on a journey to see the Christ child...what a blessing.  

Bryson even got a job at the stone mason.  He and his little friend were to report to work at 5 am. to get camel dung for making bricks. :)

The youth were blessed and we had a great time.  We rode on the bus and we even conned some adults to get on.  It's always good when youth and adults do things together.  

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